Example of proposed rescue tube station to be placed at the 12 public access points east of the fishing pier.

Example of proposed rescue tube station to be placed at the 12 public access points West of the fishing pier.

The Santa Rosa County Board of County Commissioners approved the proposed Rotary Club of Navarre’s Rescue Tube Project without objection at their regular meeting today.


Rescue tubes have shown to be effective in helping both swimmers in distress and the Samaritan attempting to assist them in reaching the beach safely.  Since 2010, 6 people have drowned on Navarre Beach in the unguarded area that would be covered by these proposed rescue tube stations.  In two instances, the victim of drowning was attempting to rescue a swimmer in distress.


“Our goal is to make Navarre Beach the safest beach in the world for our families and visitors and we believe that these rescue tube stations are a great step in that direction,” says Rotary Club Member TJ Goulet.  Goulet further states, “we are excited that Santa Rosa County has put their trust and faith in our organization and look forward to working closely with county personnel to get this life saving equipment on the beaches and ready for use as soon as possible.”


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Navarre Rotary Club President Dan Sulger stated, “I am very proud of the work the members of the Rotary Club of Navarre and First Responders have done in proposing this program to the County Commissioners.  I look forward to expanding our partnership to save lives in Navarre.  The Rescue Tube Project is a great example of what Rotary does.  It brings leaders together to exchange ideas, take action, and solve problems in the community and the world.”


If you have additional questions, please contact Rotary Club of Navarre Club Secretary Bryan Boney for additional information regarding the Rescue Tube Project by email at bboney30@gmail.com.

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