148th confirmed rescue in Hawaii with rescue tubes. Rescue tubes save lives!

Two people were standing on the rocks at Queen’s Bath and a large wave came in and swept them off into the ocean. A bystander had the presence of mind to go grab a Rescue Tube (we have 4 there) and since it was clearly way too dangerous to swim in with it, they simply threw it as far out as possible and it floated out on the rip. After a few minutes the two individuals in trouble were able to swim to the Rescue Tube and grab on. It then did exactly what it was designed for; it was their personal flotation device keeping them safe and out of the rocks until help arrived. In this case help came in the form of lifeguards on a jet ski from Hanalei Bay Pavilions up the coast a ways.

The video clip starts up showing the two floating out in the ocean and waiting for the jet ski to get over to them. Then one person transfers to the jet ski, but the other actually floats away on the Rescue Tube for a time being until the jet ski comes around again to pick them up. The final scene is of the Rescue Tube being thrown off the jet ski and floating out to sea as the jet ski with two, now safe, passengers heads back to Hanalei Bay and full safety.

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