Dan Sulger
Dan Sulger

2015 – 2016 President
2013 – 2016 Grants Committee Chairperson
2012 – 2014 Secretary
Paul Harris Society

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 (850) 797 – 0257
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Personal – I grew up just south of Boston, Massachusetts spending most of my time doing something with a boat. I was either scrubbing the bottom, swabbing the deck, or at the helm depending on what season it was or who was in charge.  Started to make my way south with a brief stent in Louisville, Kentucky but smartened up and moved to Navarre over a decade ago.

Professional – I currently own a Healthcare, Project Management, and Process Improvement Consulting Company.  As my clients can be located anywhere I have way too many air miles and hotel points.   I can also tell you the best places to eat in any major airport in the US.

Due to my travels a lot of people think that I work for a covert agency.  I cannot support or detract from that assumption.  Whether you believe it is my real profession or merely a cover I help my clients improve patient care, achieve their goals, and/or increase their effectiveness through determining what their customers really want or need.

Favorite Quote: “One man can make a difference, and every man should try.” – JFK

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