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Kim Brown

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Kim Brown is the product of a Midwestern upbringing.  She was raised in East Grand Rapids, Michigan, Palm Beach, Florida and Carmel, Indiana.

She started in the Real Estate business in the late 70’s and has been licensed since the early 80’s.  Her Father was the first discount Realtor in the United States and established Real Estate Law based on the Sherman Antitrust Act.  Also, she worked for Career Track from 1983 to 1995.  She was the first Program Manager to control a region of 4 states and was the top performer in her position for Career Track.  As the economy changed in the mid 90’s for the corporate world, she decided to leave Career Track to go to work in her family business of Real Estate in Navarre, FL.  Kim’s passions and talents lie in the culinary field, and she last worked as a manager at a 4 Star restaurant while living in Columbus, Ohio in the late 80’s.  Currently, she works at Prudential Holley Properties with The Carol Brown Team.

I joined Rotary because it is one of the only “true” Non Profits, in which all the members work as Volunteers without pay. I am proud to be a Rotarian because of our commitment of getting things done for our community and the world.  I am just proud for what little I can do to help out with our clubs endeavors.

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